Bonsai (01)

I found a little Bonsai kit at a charity shop. The brand is ‘Plant Theatre’, which I think also made the cocktail herb kit I bought a while back which worked really well! So, I will attempt to grow three different kinds of bonsai trees: Acer rubrum, Betula pendula, and Pinus mugo pumilio. The kit… Continue reading Bonsai (01)

Tadpoles (03) – Egg bonanza

Exciting times! I contacted the Freshwater Habitats Trust to ask about the snails I’ve got after I took a look on their page on snails. They told me my snails are not the endangered Glutinous snail but could be the Acute Bladder snail (Physella acuta). ‘Spiral snail’ might be Margined ram’s-horn or the Keeled ram’s-horn snail… Continue reading Tadpoles (03) – Egg bonanza

Fashion (01)

Just a couple of drawings I just made using really cool colour pens. Update: I have since started a separate blog for my fashion hobby under the name almalauha.