Manchester city centre

I recently visited central Manchester and used an expired film roll to capture cityscapes. The film may have degraded a bit and/or not have been sensitive enough to light once it was past midday, but here are some of the snaps anyways:

Cambridge University botanic garden

This summer I visited the Cambridge university botanic gardens. I visited several times before, when I lived in Cambridge (once for Apple Day!) but had not taken photos back then. This time, I did bring my camera and was able to take some nice pictures of some of the many plants on display.

Ceramics (02)

Some more ceramics I made earlier this year. This is my first mug!

Microscopy (01)

To see small plants in more detail, I used a light microscope and photographed my view using my smartphone, ‘looking’ through the eyepiece. As I know nothing about plants (yet!), I don’t know which species I was looking at but seeing the shapes and textures was very interesting.


Museum Vrolik

This summer I paid a visit to the Vrolik Museum in Amsterdam, an anatomy museum with a vast collection of specimens. I love this museum and highly recommend a visit when you are in the neighbourhood. It is located at the AMC academic hospital south of the city centre, just a short ride on the… Continue reading Museum Vrolik

Ceramics (01)

A couple of months ago I took some lessons in ceramics and made several items, including two heads and some limbs to make two dolls (wool ‘jumper’ made by my mother):

Meer dan 1 miljoen sociale huurwoningen in Nederland zijn onderbezet

De krapte op de woningmarkt speelt in sommige regio‚Äôs van Nederland al decennia. Buiten de problemen voor studenten om een kamer te vinden en voor starters om een woning te kopen zijn er ook problemen in de sociale huursector. De wachttijden lijken almaar langer te worden, en dat terwijl het kopen van een eigen huis… Continue reading Meer dan 1 miljoen sociale huurwoningen in Nederland zijn onderbezet

Squiggly lines

I haven’t been active on this blog, but I have been doing some writing and art since my last post. I was making a birthday card last week and drew some interesting squiggly lines. I recreated this using my drawing tablet and will explore this shape further. For now, the first (and second!) digital doodle:

Mica cap, with guest

It’s autumn so mushrooms are starting to pop up. I recently got a mushroom guide to help me learn about the different kinds that I might find in the UK. Last night I saw what I think are mica caps. One of them had a little guest: a slug! I wonder if it took a… Continue reading Mica cap, with guest