Meer dan 1 miljoen sociale huurwoningen in Nederland zijn onderbezet

De krapte op de woningmarkt speelt in sommige regio‚Äôs van Nederland al decennia. Buiten de problemen voor studenten om een kamer te vinden en voor starters om een woning te kopen zijn er ook problemen in de sociale huursector. De wachttijden lijken almaar langer te worden, en dat terwijl het kopen van een eigen huis… Continue reading Meer dan 1 miljoen sociale huurwoningen in Nederland zijn onderbezet

Squiggly lines

I haven’t been active on this blog, but I have been doing some writing and art since my last post. I was making a birthday card last week and drew some interesting squiggly lines. I recreated this using my drawing tablet and will explore this shape further. For now, the first (and second!) digital doodle:

Mica cap, with guest

It’s autumn so mushrooms are starting to pop up. I recently got a mushroom guide to help me learn about the different kinds that I might find in the UK. Last night I saw what I think are mica caps. One of them had a little guest: a slug! I wonder if it took a… Continue reading Mica cap, with guest


I needed to refresh some of my knowledge and found this paper with an excellent figure. I decided to copy the figure (Figure 2) in a different style to practice my drawing. Source: Kelly and Semsarian, Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2009 Apr;2(2):182-90

The perfection pitfall

I don’t know about you, but as I grew up and worked on projects, I generally wanted to ensure the perfect outcome, whether that be a great essay or an amazing piece of handiwork. Striving for perfection drives us to learn and improve, which is obviously the point of being in school or further education,… Continue reading The perfection pitfall

Meat bulb

I was preparing vegan meat balls and either misheard my partner saying ‘meat balls’ or misheard myself thinking about them. It made me hear ‘meat bulb’, so I got thinking of flower bulbs from which human body parts could grow.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog-in-development. As you may have guessed, I enjoy writing. I was looking for an outlet for some of my writings and doodles, so it looks like this blog is going to be it! I intend to write about writing and about science topics that interest me. I hope to make some small… Continue reading Hello world!