Squiggly lines

I haven’t been active on this blog, but I have been doing some writing and art since my last post. I was making a birthday card last week and drew some interesting squiggly lines. I recreated this using my drawing tablet and will explore this shape further. For now, the first (and second!) digital doodle:

Mica cap, with guest

It’s autumn so mushrooms are starting to pop up. I recently got a mushroom guide to help me learn about the different kinds that I might find in the UK. Last night I saw what I think are mica caps. One of them had a little guest: a slug! I wonder if it took a… Continue reading Mica cap, with guest


I needed to refresh some of my knowledge and found this paper with an excellent figure. I decided to copy the figure (Figure 2) in a different style to practice my drawing. Source: Kelly and Semsarian, Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2009 Apr;2(2):182-90

Meat bulb

I was preparing vegan meat balls and either misheard my partner saying ‘meat balls’ or misheard myself thinking about them. It made me hear ‘meat bulb’, so I got thinking of flower bulbs from which human body parts could grow.